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4 Principles to Guide Your Choice of Healthcare Agents

4 Principles to Guide Your Choice of Healthcare Agents ...

Choosing your healthcare agent requires thoughtful consideration. In this 3 and 1/2 minute video, I offer 4 principles to guide you in making a wise selection for the person or people whom you will empower to make end-of-life decisions on your behalf if you are ever unable

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What does Do Not Resuscitate Really Mean?

What does <em>Do Not Resuscitate</em> Really Mean? ...

Stephanie scrambled to find a place for her 89-year-old mom, Betty, after she was discharged from the hospital. During the intake process at the nursing home, the nurse asked Betty her feelings about signing a “Do Not Resuscitate” code status form. Betty was uncertain and a bit

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Living with Peace

Living with Peace ...

Peace. It can be so difficult to experience. In our noisy, busy, overextended lives, experiencing inner peace is a daily challenge. I define peace as quiet contentment and tranquility. Living with peace reflects a sense of harmony and acceptance with life’s journey. Over the past several weeks,

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Warning for Blended Families!

Warning for Blended Families! ...

Discussing end-of-life healthcare preferences is crucial for blended families. The recent death of 82-year-old radio personality Casey Kasem demonstrated the tumult that can arise when adult children and a stepparent disagree over the medical treatment decisions for a loved one. Unfortunately, their dispute became fodder for the

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Do Less, Be More: 10 Principles to Live Well

Do Less, Be More: 10 Principles to Live Well ...

I long to DO less, and BE more. You see, through the first half of my life, I might best have been described as a human DOing. My hours, days and weeks were spent growing up, attending college, getting married, having a career, attending church, and then

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