3 Extraordinary Gifts That Reveal Your Heart

3 Extraordinary Gifts That Reveal Your Heart

I love to give gifts. Before I ever read Gary Chapman’s “The 5 Love Languages,” I knew one of my love languages was gift-giving. I love to pick out a special item or an inspirational book for a dear friend. For a wedding, I often give a gift certificate for a bed and breakfast for a first-anniversary getaway.

Gift giving

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I believe the gifts you give reveal your heart. Gift-giving can be meaningful or routine, inspired or socially obligated. Think about your own life and the myriad gifts you’ve received. If you are like me, just a handful of gifts have been deeply touching and truly memorable. The best gifts express the love of the gift-giver and the unique relationship you share.

Perhaps the most memorable gift of your life will be the legacy you leave when you die. Every person creates a legacy. It is your final gift to those you leave behind. Remarkably, your legacy can impact future generations.

Some people equate legacy with money. I do not. Few of us will leave millions of dollars to charity, erect buildings that bear our name, invent an innovative technology or life-saving medical procedure.

However, each of us creates a legacy through our living and our dying. The impact of our life through our accomplishments, our contributions to this world, and the love we share through relationships is our truest legacy. The impact of our death through a graceful end-of-life journey magnifies the legacy of a life well lived.

Everyone can create a legacy that includes powerful and profound gifts that will impact lives and long be remembered. You can give these three priceless, extraordinary gifts from your heart as you shape a lasting legacy.

  1. The gift of you. Using your time, unique skills and abilities to love and serve others can change lives. Your influence can encourage, equip and empower others to live fully and accomplish great things.
  2. The gift of forgiveness. Your words of forgiveness can soften a hardened spirit, heal an emotional wound, and ease guilt or shame. The act of forgiveness touches two hearts. We all need to give and receive forgiveness. The Lord’s prayer invites each of us to forgive as we have been forgiven.
  3. The gift of peace. You can cultivate peace by humbly seeking reconciliation when relationships are broken. You can foster peace by listening thoughtfully to varying worldviews in lieu of rendering judgment. You can practice peace in your daily life. Finally, by writing and communicating your healthcare directives and planning for a good death, you can promote family peace through your end-of-life journey.

Your daily choices contribute to the legacy you will leave. Memories from your living and your dying will linger in the hearts of those you’ve loved and whose lives you have touched. Embrace the opportunity to impact the world as you purposefully create your legacy by sharing of yourself, offering forgiveness and inspiring peace.

QUESTION: If you have given a gift that will contribute to your legacy, would you please share your story and inspire others via social media? Please share this post with your comment.



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  1. Anne, these are lovely piece of advice. I especially love the one on ‘The gift of you’. I always thought a gift for my loved ones has to be a thing and that thing must be something that is purchased. I think I’m going to take the entire day off for my hubby’s birthday this year and spend some real quality time together. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

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