My Voice, My Choice: Writing a Meaningful Healthcare Directive

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My Voice, My Choice:

A Practical Guide to Writing a Meaningful Healthcare Directive

This informative guide offers individuals and families an approachable and meaningful process for exploring and communicating end-of-life healthcare preferences.


You’ll learn:

  • Why healthcare directives are important to individuals and their loved ones
  • What should be included in thorough and legal healthcare directives
  • Tools and a process to ensure the resulting directive is complete, executed, accessible when needed, and appropriately communicated
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I wrote my book My Voice, My Choice, to make this topic approachable for everyone. It’s written as a practical guide to help you write a meaningful healthcare directive.  I share stories and very practical tips on how to start family conversations about end-of-life preferences. My goal is to empower people like you to plan well, live well—and especially, to finish well. Owning the responsibility to express your preferences for end-of-life healthcare treatments is a gift you give to those you love. It offers peace of mind to you, and those you hold dear.