Resources: End-of-Life Planning & Healthcare Directives


The following resources can help you move forward to write and communicate your future healthcare preferences.

Healthcare Choices From The Heart Program 

Anne offers a thoughtful and structured process that guides you to write a meaningful healthcare directive. With powerful content, beautifully designed worksheets, sample text and virtual coaching, you’ll be equipped to clearly communicate your preferences for future healthcare decisions. The Healthcare Choices from the Heart program can be experienced through Anne’s live workshops, or with personalized coaching. The program includes the necessary forms, with guidance to help you succeed.  Learn More

Healthcare Directive Forms

If the course is not your preference, in Minnesota:  I recommend the Honoring Choices Minnesota tool. Nationally: I recommend the 5 Wishes tool offered by Aging with Dignity.

Anne’s Book

My book is written as a guidebook that addresses the medical, emotional, legal, social and financial dimensions of preparing for end-of-life healthcare decisions. Learn More

Books & Articles

Inspirational books and articles that will expand your commitment to thoughtful planning and communicating your preferences. Learn More

Helpful Websites

Related websites that can enrich your planning efforts, including helpful worksheets and tools. Learn More


Answers to commonly asked questions may address your concern. Learn More

Glossary of Terms

There are so many terms! This glossary can help you. Learn More