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Why Your Healthcare Directive Must Include HIPAA Language

HIPAA Patient Health Records Healthcare Directives

Without a HIPAA release in your document, you are rolling the dice on your medical future.

Though HIPAA appropriately protects patient information, it has created more complexity for those making treatment choices on behalf of a patient who is unable to speak for herself. Without the right HIPAA language, your decision-makers might not have visibility to important information […]


A Beautiful Heart-to-heart Between Tom Brokaw and His Daughter

Tom Brokaw TedX end-of-life talk

How Tom Brokaw’s daughter pushes her father to prepare for future healthcare decisions.

Tom Brokaw was my news guy. For years, I enjoyed the evening news with Tom delivering the day’s events with his strong voice, comforting style and his thoughtful approach. I rather miss him.
I recently came upon a marvelous TedX video featuring Tom Brokaw and his daughter, Jennifer. She is an Emergency Room physician. In this powerful and sometimes humorous exchange, father and daughter discuss preparing for future and end-of-life healthcare […]

4 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor

Why patients should initiate advance care planning.

Medicare’s recent decision to reimburse physicians for end-of-life conversations is a clear victory for advance care planning. However, given the reality that most healthcare providers have little to no experience in the art of advance care planning and are reluctant participants at best, we—that’s YOU and ME—need to initiate these important conversations with our doctors. We have to own the responsibility of defining our own treatment preferences in a medical emergency if […]

Will Your Family Have the Right Answers? Be “Hospital Ready.”

Hospital Ready Cover

Your medical care could depend on it.

I was sitting next to the fireplace one evening, all cozy in my “comfies” when my phone rang. “Your dad has been taken by ambulance to the emergency room. You need to get to the hospital quickly,” said my father’s friend. I’ve received that phone call twice in the past few years. The first time, Dad’s heart rate was racing; his pulse reached 180. Surgery followed. The last time, his pulse was in the 30’s. Fortunately, Dad’s ok. He’s 84 and doing well now. But I never know when the next call will come. If you have older parents or loved ones, you[…]

Anne’s Book

I am the author of My Voice, My Choice: A Practical Guide to Writing a Meaningful Healthcare Directive. 

My book makes the process of writing and communicating a healthcare directive approachable for everyone.

Anne Speaks

I educate and inspire families to Plan Well, Live Well, and Finish Well. I help families to prepare for future healthcare decisions so that they can experience greater peace of mind and be ready for whatever may come.

Healthcare Directive System & Coaching Program

Anne is an amazing teacher who clearly and gently explains everything you need to know and more about Healthcare Directives and Agents. Anne’s program has been a blessing to me and my family.”

–  Nancy Staloch  •  Healthcare Choices from the Heart student  •  Minneapolis, MN

3 Obstacles to a Peaceful Death at Home

3 Obstacles to a Peaceful Death at Home ...

Want to die at home? It takes preparation. An older friend recently shared with me the memory of her grandmother’s passing. Her “Nana” passed away in the late 1930s, during the depth of the depression. After weeks with a deep, persistent cough, pneumonia finally gripped Nana. As was

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Be Careful What You Ask For

Be Careful What You Ask For ...

Healthcare directives require careful wording. Simply checking boxes on a form may not serve your best interest. Instead, write thoughtful guidelines that can direct your care and support your decision-makers.

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A Better Use for Selfies: A Video Healthcare Directive

A Better Use for Selfies: A Video Healthcare Directive ...

I believe I’ve found a marvelous new use for the selfie: recording a video healthcare directive. A video recording affords a completely personal—and therefore more believable—message that can support decision-makers.

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5 Life Lessons from a Mom to Her Adult Sons

5 Life Lessons from a Mom to Her Adult Sons ...

On this Mother’s Day, I nostalgically wish I could have a do-over of my child-raising years. I trust there is still time to impart these 5 life lessons to my adult sons.

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Living with Less Regret

Living with Less Regret ...

Exercising these three disciplines will help you to live with greater intention and less regret. Think of it as fitness for your soul; it’s a deeper level of heart health.

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Use Your Influence To Make An Impact on #NHDD

Use Your Influence To Make An Impact on #NHDD ...

If every adult had a healthcare directive and talked with loved ones about his or her preferences, the dying process in our country would be greatly improved. Every patient’s end-of-life healthcare choices could be honored.

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Will Boomers Change The End-of-Life Journey?

Will Boomers Change The End-of-Life Journey? ...

Boomers have undeniably shaped the American culture. Considering the impact of this generation on our country, I wonder—will we redefine the end-of-life journey?

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Which Healthcare Directives Do You Need?

Which Healthcare Directives Do You Need? ...

April 16th is National Healthcare Decisions Day. Have you written your healthcare directive? Understanding the types of healthcare directives can help you determine which documents you’ll need to be prepared for the end-of-life journey.

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Vetting Hospice Care Before The Crisis

Vetting Hospice Care Before The Crisis ...

When selecting hospice care, patients and families must choose wisely. These 12 questions will empower you to research providers proactively and objectively, before the crisis.

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7 Reasons to Embrace Hospice Care

7 Reasons to Embrace Hospice Care ...

Hospice care can significantly improve the end-of-life journey for both patients and families. Recognizing the many benefits of hospice care can inspire you to embrace hospice for yourself, or a loved one, when the time comes.

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