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If You Want To Live, Forgive.

If You Want To Live, Forgive. ...

Learning to give and receive forgiveness is one of life’s most fundamental lessons. In one of her beautiful songs, my friend and artist Sara Renner sings, “If you want to live, forgive.” Extremely powerful words. Such truth. The amazing power of forgiveness heals both the giver and

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Living with Peace

Living with Peace ...

Peace. It can be so difficult to experience. In our noisy, busy, overextended lives, experiencing inner peace is a daily challenge. I define peace as quiet contentment and tranquility. Living with peace reflects a sense of harmony and acceptance with life’s journey. Over the past several weeks,

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Do Less, Be More: 10 Principles to Live Well

Do Less, Be More: 10 Principles to Live Well ...

I long to DO less, and BE more. You see, through the first half of my life, I might best have been described as a human DOing. My hours, days and weeks were spent growing up, attending college, getting married, having a career, attending church, and then

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