5 Strategies to Create an Effective Healthcare Directive #Infographic

#Infographic – 5 Strategies to Create an Effective #Healthcare Directive

Your healthcare directive will be your voice when you need it most.

If you should experience a medical emergency and cannot speak for yourself, you’ll need a healthcare directive that effectively communicates your wishes. Expressing your treatment preferences, empowering the decision-makers of your choosing as your healthcare agents and communicating your needs for emotional and spiritual support requires more than merely checking a box on a form.

The benefits of a meaningful and effective healthcare directive are many.

It will:

  1. Ensure you receive all of the care and only the care you desire.
  2. Support your healthcare agents by offering clear goals and guidelines for your care, as well as statements of values and beliefs.
  3. Give you and those you love peace of mind in knowing your wishes are understood and can be followed.
  4. Help your loved ones stay united, loving and supporting you and one another instead of arguing over your care.
  5. Keep your healthcare decisions private, within the family, instead of debated by a hospital ethics committee, or worse yet, splashed in the media.

I created this infographic to visually demonstrate the five strategies that will make your healthcare directive effective so that your wishes will be honored.

Create an Effective Healthcare Directive

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