A Beautiful Heart-to-heart Between Tom Brokaw and His Daughter

A Beautiful Heart-to-heart Between Tom Brokaw and His Daughter

How Tom Brokaw’s daughter pushes her father to prepare for future healthcare decisions.

Tom Brokaw was my news guy. For years, I enjoyed the evening news with Tom delivering the day’s events with his strong voice, comforting style and his thoughtful approach. I rather miss him.

Tom Brokaw TedX end-of-life talk

I recently came upon a marvelous TedX video featuring Tom Brokaw and his daughter, Jennifer. She is an Emergency Room physician. In this powerful and sometimes humorous exchange, father and daughter discuss preparing for future and end-of-life healthcare choices. Most of the ideas that I’ve written about in my blog and spoken about in my presentations are encapsulated in this thoughtful family conversation.

This incredible video demonstrates the nuance of family conversations about healthcare preferences. Take note that even Tom Brokaw has difficulty articulating his wishes. I marveled how Jennifer keeps her Dad honest and pushes him to describe his wishes with greater clarity. Most importantly, I hope this message will open your mind to the possibility of beginning a conversation with your loved ones.

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