Are You Ready for a Healthcare Directives Coach?

Are You Ready for a Healthcare Directives Coach?

Like a trainer can help you lose weight, a healthcare directives coach can help you get your advance healthcare directives done.

A list of the most popular resolutions for 2017 came through my social media today. Number 1? Getting healthy. No surprise. I’m amongst the ranks of those claiming this resolution.

healthcare directives coach

After months of struggling to establish better nutrition and exercise habits, I’ve hired a physical trainer. Yes, I could go it alone—and I’ve tried—but I’ve lacked the structure and accountability that my trainer will provide.

The investment of my time and my money is my stake in the ground—my declaration that I’m serious about getting this done.  Recognizing that I’ve made a financial commitment and knowing she’ll be pushing me harder in the next session keeps me motivated.

Preparing for end-of-life healthcare decisions is sort of like losing weight. It doesn’t come easily or naturally.

Making your future care wishes clear is something you know would be wise. Maybe it is something you’ve been meaning to get done. Perhaps it is even a goal you’ve set for 2017.

Yet the reality is… it isn’t easy and doesn’t come naturally. Thinking about your own mortality is challenging. Understanding how to write a healthcare directive can seem daunting.

You’re not alone. In fact, only about a third of adults have written a healthcare directive, yet 60% of adults over the age of 18 want their end-of-life wishes to be respected, based on a 2013 research study.

A healthcare directives coach—just like a trainer—can help you succeed.

My trainer has already given me new insights about how to exercise that I’d never discovered on my own. She’s helped me kick a fiendish addiction to Diet Coke. She is skilled and deeply knowledgable. Her guidance and support will inspire me to meet my weight loss goal.

So too with a healthcare directives coach. Writing a healthcare directive is not something you’ve been taught. With the knowledge and insights of a coach as your guide, you’ll learn how to effectively communicate your preferences for future care decisions, should you ever be unable to speak for yourself. You’ll learn how to select your decision-makers wisely. And you’ll learn how to foster important conversations with those you love.

Help is on the way.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be offering Healthcare Choices from the Heart. My signature coaching program will guide you through a structured process to develop and communicate a meaningful healthcare directive. With a clear blueprint, automated tools, and my personal coaching, you’ll finally be equipped to get this done.

To get you started, download my motivational checklist 7 Reasons to Write Your Healthcare Directive. Stay tuned. I can’t wait to share the program details so you’ll finally be equipped to complete your healthcare directive.



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