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Healthcare Directives From The Heart

Gain the confidence that your future healthcare wishes will be honored.

We provide a healthcare directives coaching program that equips you to clearly communicate your future care wishes.

You Can Spare Your Family from Unnecessary Pain

Have you ever wondered what medical decisions would be made on your behalf if you were unable to speak for yourself? You might be thinking—or maybe just hoping —your family would know what to do.

But you see…most families don’t agree on treatment decisions for a loved one, especially during the stress of a medical crisis. That’s why writing a meaningful healthcare directive matters to you and to those you love.

If you’re like most adults, you haven’t started your directive yet. That’s probably because you’ve never been taught how to talk about end-of-life decisions. It’s not natural and doesn’t come easy for most people. You’re not alone. That’s why healthcare directives coaching is so powerful. You can participate in a proven program that will equip you to communicate your wishes, guided and encouraged by a caring coach.


Introducing Healthcare Directives from the Heart

Healthcare Directives Blueprint and Coaching Program


Healthcare Directives from the Heart offers a new and compelling approach to preparing for future healthcare decisions. With clear instruction, worksheets and personal coaching, this program provides a complete blueprint for writing a truly meaningful healthcare directive. You will discover how to communicate your future wishes in 5 simple steps.


1. Clearly communicate your medical treatment preferences.


2. Choose your decision-makers (healthcare agents) wisely.


3. Express your needs for emotional, physical and spiritual care.


4. Share your treatment preferences and care needs with those who need to know.

DocumentComputer-015. Make sure your documents are secure yet accessible when needed.

Protect your family’s future peace.


Don’t leave your loved ones to guess or argue over treatment choices on your behalf in the future. You might not realize that checking a box on a boilerplate form won’t be enough. Preparing your family for the possibility of future decisions is a loving gift to those you treasure most. You can protect your family’s future peace.

Get Started Now

So What’s The Cost? And What’s Included?

You might be wondering… what’s the cost?  You’ll be making an investment of $250… an investment which will protect you and your loved ones in so many ways.

The $250 investment covers you plus one other person—your spouse, partner, parent, adult child, friend, or sibling… whomever you choose. That’s because the program is intended to help you talk with your loved ones about your preferences.

And what’s the return on your investment? Peace of mind for you and those you love.

The Healthcare Directives from the Heart blueprint and coaching program includes:

  • An introductory phone call. We’ll get acquainted. I’ll walk through the process with you so you’ll know what’s involved. There’s no cost for this call. If you feel we’re a good fit, we’ll proceed.

  • A 90 minute coaching session. We’ll walk through the curriculum together. You’ll learn that there’s more to writing a meaningful healthcare directive than checking a couple of boxes on a form. I’ll answer your questions.

  • A beautifully designed workbook.  The easy-to-follow workbook includes all kinds of examples that will stimulate your thinking to help you best express your wishes. This curriculum has been medically and legally vetted.

  • An invitation for your healthcare agent (s) and a guide to help him or her prepare for this important role. You and your agents will have a roadmap to prepare together for future decisions that might be required.

  • Automated tools that will help you to write your directive. Let’s face it. Blank lines can be intimidating. These automated tools allow you to select and edit answers from numerous examples. It’s so much easier!

  • Helpful accountability. I’ll regularly follow up with you by phone or email to nudge you along to ensure you complete this important work.

And Now You’re Thinking … Is It Worth The Cost?

Here’s a more pressing question. What will it cost you if you don’t write a meaningful healthcare directive?

Here are your options:

  • You could do nothing. Stay in denial. But what if something unexpected… a medical crisis happens?

  • You could assume your family will agree on the right decisions if a medical emergency occurs. But then, you risk your family falling apart because they probably won’t agree. You could have helped them avoid the painful arguments, but you didn’t.

  • You could assume your husband (or your wife) will be the decision-maker. But what if you and your spouse were in an accident at the same time? Or what if one of your children—maybe with his or her own issues—railroads everyone else, demanding you receive more care (or less care) than you truly desire?

  • You could use the document you already signed with your attorney (if you have one), or you could use an online “legal company.” But then, are you sure it will really communicate all of your needs, from your heart? Or is it just checked boxes on a boilerplate form with a signature at the bottom?

There are risks to doing nothing. With all that could go wrong, would you agree that investing $250 to have your wishes honored is a very sound decision? You bet it is.

May I Introduce Myself as Your Coach?

My name is Anne Elizabeth Denny. I have created Healthcare Directives from the Heart because I’ve experienced the uncertainty you might be feeling. You see… my mother lived with Alzheimer’s for twenty years. We’d never had “the conversation.” And then, she couldn’t talk at all. Our family’s experience was my wake-up call.

My life experience has inspired my passion. As a speaker, author and coach, my mission is to inspire, educate and equip people—people like you—to prepare for future care decisions.

I’ve developed healthcare directives software which I licensed to a major healthcare system. I’ve written a book, spoken nationally on healthcare directives, developed an online program, and taught workshops sponsored by financial advisors and attorneys for their clients. Now, I’m so pleased to offer personal healthcare directives coaching.

What My Coaching Students Are Saying

You might be wondering what my students have to say about my abilities to coach on healthcare directives.

Nancy Staloch, said this:

“Anne is an amazing teacher who clearly and gently explains everything you need to know and more about Healthcare Directives and Agents. I loved how she started with an examination of one’s values and beliefs and how they influence our choices. She gave so many examples of end-of-life scenarios that it made me think about what is important and what is not. Though it requires some time and commitment, Anne makes this process manageable and meaningful and she even gives guidance on how to communicate with family members. It has been a blessing to me and my family.”

Jim Lynum shared his thoughts:

Healthcare Directives From the Heart has gently but firmly led me through the steps of verbalizing what is important to me, determining what end-of-life healthcare will look like for me and how to choose who I want to carry out my care decisions if I am unable. This program is the answer that many of us procrastinators have been looking for. Check it out and see what I mean.”

Just a few weeks ago, I coached Rachel and Peter, who said:

“My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Anne Denny to assist with writing our Health Care Directives. Even though talking about death or major health events can be difficult and uncomfortable topics, Anne made us feel comfortable right away with her practical, realistic, and educational approach. Anne also brought confidence that even in our young ages, it is important to be proactive in defining our wishes early on so we can be fully prepared at any time. I would highly recommend Anne and her thoughtful and thorough processes to anybody I know.


After we’ve met for your coaching session, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase—if you feel you did not receive the value I’ve promised—just ask me for a full refund. I’ll respond within 2 business days. I want you to feel confident about your decision.

 Peace of mind
for you
and for
those you love.