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Help members and patients to live well to the very end.

And then, help them to die well.

As a healthcare professional, you know how difficult it can be to begin advance care planning conversations. You hesitate to introduce the discussion. When a medical emergency unfolds, patients and family members are often ill-prepared, feeling overwhelmed and scared. Emotions are amplified. Family dynamics are on steroids.

If only people would start the conversation sooner… if only they’d considered end-of-life preferences before the diagnosis…before the crisis.

You’ve witnessed the battles.

In the absence of clear healthcare instructions, families can unravel. Siblings battle over treatment decisions for Mom or Dad. Healthcare professionals feel caught between fearful family members wanting treatment options for a loved one and patients deserving compassionate and more peaceful end-of-life care.

Protect everyone from painful conflict.

Encouraging your members and patients to proactively complete a meaningful healthcare directive creates the opportunity for thoughtful discussion. Loved ones can hear the patient’s future healthcare preferences at a family meeting—calmly—before a medical emergency triggers the need to reference a directive. Healthcare agents, family members and the medical team can be equipped to confidently honor the patient’s wishes when a life-threatening crisis occurs.

Advance the art of Advance Care Planning.

By offering innovative healthcare directives education and support, members, patients and loved ones can proactively learn and absorb the core concepts: goals of care, types of intervention, the role of healthcare agents, comfort care and more. Subsequent advance care planning appointments with a healthcare professional become more successful. More questions will be answered; conversations will go deeper. Healthcare instructions will become clearer. Members, patients and their families will be better served.


Introducing Healthcare Choices from the Heart.

Healthcare Directives System and Coaching Program

Healthcare Choices from the Heart offers a new and compelling approach to preparing for future healthcare decisions. Through clear instruction, worksheets and coaching, this program provides a complete blueprint for writing and communicating a truly meaningful
healthcare directive.

With this program offered through live workshops or personal coaching, participants can:

  • Develop clear instructions for future healthcare decisions
  • Discover how to choose the right decision-makers
  • Be confident that loved ones can avoid conflict and remain at peace.

Sponsor innovative workshops and/or personal coaching.

Expand and enrich the Advance Care Planning your organization offers. Members, patients and families can experience the Healthcare Choices from the Heart program through live workshops your organization can sponsor, or, personal coaching in the home or office. Explore the possibilities!

Hi there – my name is Anne Elizabeth Denny. I have created Healthcare Choices from the Heart because I know the pain families experience when left to guess or argue over treatment decisions for a loved one. I am passionate about helping people to prepare for future healthcare decisions so that the patient and loved ones can experience greater peace through the journey.

I offer my end-of-life healthcare planning expertise through an online course, live workshops as well as personalized healthcare directives coaching. Additionally, I offer motivational speaking engagements and my book. You can read more of my bio here.

Anne Elizabeth Denny


Help patients prepare for advance care planning.

Integrating Healthcare Choices from the Heart into your ACP program will empower patients and families to experience a good death…however the patient defines it. Whether sponsoring workshops or personal coaching, you can serve your members, patients and their loved ones with confidence by partnering with Healthcare Choices from the Heart. 

Connect with Anne to discuss how best to serve your members’ and patients’ needs.