What You Can Expect When You Hire Anne

Getting Started

What You Can Expect When You Hire Anne

I promise to serve the interests of your organization or event by delivering the following:

  1. Prompt replies to your communications with me.
  2. A consultation with you and your team to build a shared and clear vision for the objectives of the presentation.
  3. A resource website page offering access to additional information to help your participants increase their learning and promote ongoing conversations with loved ones.
  4. A quick consultation with you and your team after the event to make sure I met your expectations.

Why Hire Anne?

My passion for helping families prepare for difficult end-of-life decisions stems from my own life experience. My mother, Carol, lived with Alzheimer’s disease for twenty years. Like most families, we didn’t always agree on what was the best care possible for Mom.

For most of my career, I served as an independent business consultant in the healthcare industry. My work focused on solving business problems for clients, usually involving how to design solutions with technology. While I loved the work, I felt God calling me to do something more.

Because of Mom’s journey, I began researching and learning all I could about healthcare directives. Given my technology background, I began by designing a web-based tool to help people write their directives. Next, I wrote a book. Now, I’m channeling my expertise and passion into building a virtual platform to share this message.

Through my blog, I aim to normalize this topic and promote awareness. As a speaker, I strive to educate and inspire individuals and families to push past procrastination in order to be prepared.

How to get Started

If you are interested in having me speak for your organization or event, please call me at 612-424-0767 or use the contact form. I would be delighted to learn about your event and explore with you how I can help.

Additionally, you can download my Speaker One Sheet. CLICK HERE.