5 Tips to Create "Just One Blessing" Each Day

5 Tips to Create “Just One Blessing” Each Day


Curly, City Slickers

Curly from the movie City Slickers

“City Slickers” is one of my all-time favorite movies. Do you remember the scene from the movie when Curly (Jack Palance) tells Mitch (Billy Crystal) that the secret to life is just one thing?

I’m adapting that classic line to introduce you to the principle of what I’m dubbing, “just one blessing.” In fact, sort of like “pay it forward” or “random acts of kindness,” I’m hoping this “just one blessing” idea might catch on.

What if each day, you created just one blessing for someone you love, a friend, or even a stranger?

What’s amazing is how the math works. While you might create just one blessing today, the impact quite possibly will multiply. Your one action might trigger ripples of blessings in multiple lives. You might have the privilege of witnessing the effect of your one blessing in the present, or it might take years to recognize how today’s blessing changed a life. In fact, you may never know the impact. But here’s an amazing secret: you will feel the impact immediately in your life. The cumulative effect of creating just one blessing each day will enrich your life immeasurably.

One of my favorite practices is to affirm people in the service industry. As I pay the bill for a meal or finish a transaction at a store, I often ask for the individual’s name so my comments will be personalized. For example, as I finished a business lunch recently, I said, “Paul, you are really good at your job. Thanks for taking great care of us today. Your service was terrific.” His face transformed. He replied, “Thanks. Sometimes I feel so unappreciated here.” Just one blessing changed his whole demeanor.

Intentionally uplifting another soul can easily become a daily practice.

Here are five “just one blessing” possibilities to get you started. In keeping with the theme:

  1. Affirm one. Take time to acknowledge just one good action or accomplishment you witness in someone else. It might be the good behavior of a young child, the expertise of a co-worker, or the kindness of a neighbor. When you affirm someone’s character, you help her to see the best in herself.
  2. Forgive one. Choose to forgive just one mistake, whether silently in your own heart, or in one-to-one conversation. I love the refrain from a beautiful Sara Renner song that says, “If you want to live, forgive.” When you forgive, you offer grace.
  3. Comfort one. Empathize with the suffering of just one person. When we are hurting, having a friend or loved one walk along side us is invaluable.
  4. Listen to one. Devote uninterrupted, focused, no-technology-in-use time to listen deeply to another person. Be invested solely in hearing her words, not formulating your response. Feeling that you are heard is like a deep, cleansing breath.
  5. Touch one. Human beings need touch. In our world of social connection through the Internet, it is astonishing how lonely people can feel for want of touch. Pat someone on the back…literally! Hug a friend, hold a loved one’s hand, gently kiss an older adult on their forehead. Simple touch can be a powerful balm to a lonely soul.

Of course, there are many more. Teach one, lead one, call one, celebrate one…

It doesn’t have to be dramatic. There’s no financial cost. It simply requires the intention of an open and willing heart, and the precious gift of time.

Each morning, I ask God to show me the one—who might I affirm, forgive, comfort, listen to or touch today?

While much of my writing focuses on dying well, I believe in living well. By creating one blessing each day, your life and your heart will be expanded. Perhaps you can pass this along. That would certainly be a blessing! In fact, let’s create a wave of blessings this Thanksgiving season. To inspire you, I’ve created a beautiful PDF to share with others.

QUESTION: If you or a loved one have created “just one blessing”, would you please share your story and inspire others via social media? Please share this post with your comment.



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