What's Missing on your Bucket List?

What’s Missing on your Bucket List?

Why you should expand your bucket list in 2016.

I love the promise of a new year. Who doesn’t? Fresh from a relaxing week between Christmas and New Years, coupled with personal reflection and journaling, anything seems possible. My goals for 2016 are written. I’m ready to go!

On a larger scale, many people have a “bucket list” of lifetime goals—seeing certain parts of the world, or perhaps participating in a particular event. If you’re like me, and like many of your friends and family, you might have a bucket list too.

You might be missing something from your list. In fact, I want to challenge you to broaden your perspective about your bucket list. That’s why I’ve created this short video message for you.


Here’s a summary of the video message…By preparing for the end of your life, you can offer peace to your family. Here are a few suggestions for steps you can take in 2016:

  1. Write Your Healthcare Directive.

    Spare your family from the unnecessary pain of guessing or arguing over treatment choices on your behalf—if you are ever unable to speak for yourself—by writing meaningful guidelines for your medical care. Choose and legally authorize the decision-makers who will advocate for your preferences. Include your needs for emotional and spiritual care so your loved ones can offer the comfort that matters to you. And if you want your organs to be donated, record your intentions in your directive.

  2. Communicate your instructions regarding burial or cremation.

    This can be a painful source of conflict for those you leave behind. Make your intentions clear and complete the necessary forms in advance. A funeral home cannot proceed with cremation if one of your family members objects and you have not signed an authorization form in advance. Donating your body to science is another option and also requires pre-authorized forms.

  3. Create (or update) your will.

    Wisely pass on your personal property with the help of a seasoned attorney. Spare your loved ones from months or years of torturous probate proceedings.

  4. Craft love letters for those you cherish most.

    Memorialize your feelings for your spouse, adult children, grandchildren and dearest friends. Capture the treasured memories you’ve shared—the joys and even the sorrows. Oh, what a gift to read again and again for those you leave behind.

Now… go chase the big, audacious goals on your bucket list, knowing that you’ve done all you can to make your end-of-life journey peaceful for your family.

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