Tell Your Loved Ones What You'll Need

Tell Your Loved Ones What You’ll Need

In a crisis, when someone we love is sick or dying, we sometimes feel helpless. You’ve likely heard—or maybe you’ve even said—”I wish I knew how to help.” We want to do something. We just don’t know what to do in order to give comfort to our loved one.

By writing your healthcare directive, you can tell your loved ones how to give you comfort, should you ever need their tender care. You can express your needs for personal, emotional and spiritual care in your directive. By making your needs known, you will be providing support to your loved ones that, in turn, equips them to love and support you. From my post last week, you might recognize that your loved ones’ support is one vital characteristic of a good death.

In this 1 minute snippet from a recent presentation, I give specific examples that I hope will provoke your thinking. The more you can share about what will give you comfort, the more prepared your loved ones will be to walk with you on a graceful journey.

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