Make Dying Personal - Write a Healthcare Directive

Make Dying Personal – Write a Healthcare Directive

One hundred years ago, most stories about the passing of a loved one looked about the same. Family members cared for the sick and dying at home. Family gathered around a loved one, comforting one another as they watched life wane from a father, mother, brother, sister, grandparent, or child. The signs of impending death were recognized and accepted. Death was familiar. It was personal.  It  was woven into the fabric of family.  Death was accepted as part of life.


Making Dying Personal - Healthcare Directives

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Advances in medical technology have skewed our perspective. Whereas the dying process used to occur naturally at home in the presence of loved ones, the process has morphed into a technology-driven chase to extend life. If a patient’s wishes are not known, medical decision-makers will quickly fill the vacuum. Doctors are trained to fight death until the bitter end, if they have no instructions stating otherwise.

In the moment of crisis, most families adopt the “do everything possible” approach without considering the consequences. Unintentionally, a patient may receive undesired care and the dying process may be prolonged. Watching a loved one die badly—lingering in the ICU, hooked up to machines, unable to communicate—is worse than the death itself.

As a society, and as individuals, we have the opportunity to reclaim the personal nature of the dying process. Writing and communicating our end-of-life preferences is where it begins. A healthcare directive is the best place to start. I recommend a family meeting to ensure everyone hears the same message.

Have you written and communicated your healthcare directive?

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