YOU Can Start The Conversation

YOU Can Start The Conversation

These 7 posts will support you as you start the conversation with loved ones.

Anne E Denny

As we wrap up 2014, I want to challenge you. I might even make you a bit uncomfortable.

Is this the year? Will you open the conversation with loved ones to explore end-of-life wishes while your family is gathered during the holidays? YOU can make this holiday season count in a deeper way.

As part of my “tribe,” I hope you’ve learned the value of healthcare directives through my blog posts. Why not use what you’ve learned to help those you love prepare?

You can facilitate and guide your family through meaningful conversations about future healthcare wishes. At very least, you can introduce the topic and pledge to make 2015 the year your family explores and prepares together for the end-of-life journey, for whomever, and whenever, it might come.

Here are 7 posts that will support you as you foster conversations about end-of-life decisions with loved ones.

These are quick reads, yet filled with ideas and insights that will encourage and empower you to start the conversation with loved ones.

  1. 7 Tips to Inspire Meaningful Conversation
  2. How to Talk with Your Parents About End-of-life Healthcare Wishes
  3. Tell Your Loved Ones What You’ll Need
  4. Making Your Healthcare Directive Effective
  5. 11 Powerful Words That Express What Matters Most
  6. 7 Critical Traits for Your Healthcare Agent
  7. What Does “Do Not Resuscitate” Really Mean

Preparing for end-of-life decisions will give you—and those you love—peace of mind. You can be the leader in your family to help everyone prepare for a graceful journey. YOU can start the conversation this holiday season.

QUESTION: If you or a loved one have prepared for end-of-life decisions, would you please share your story and inspire others via social media? Please share this post with your comment.



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